A Genius For Murder: A Play in Three Acts


    A Genius for Murder: A Play in Three Acts is a dramatization of 1940s Hollywood Noir.

    The play is a Hollywood Confidential, based on real people and real events taken from the actual newspapers, secret police files, recorded transcripts and courtroom documents of that day.

    It centers on a five-year timeline (1945-1950) in the life of Dr. George Hill Hodel, then Head Venereal Disease Control Officer for the Los Angeles Health Department and a “prime suspect” in a series of LA Lone Woman Murders the most infamous being the 1947 torture-surgical-murder of twenty-two-year-old, Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short,

    Did George Hodel actually commit these sadistic murders? Or, because of his skill as a surgeon, was he just rounded up as “one of the usual suspects?”