Another Wink and a Nod from Surrealist Artist William Copley to Surreal Serial Killer Dr. George Hill Hodel? A Reader from DownUnder Presents Us With a Not So Over-The-Top Startling New “Clew”

September 9, 2019
Los Angeles, California

“It is Midnight Dr. _____. ” (Oil on canvas) by William Copley (1961) 
Reproduced from the Mark Nelson/Sarah Bayliss book, Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder.
On page 145, regarding the Copley painting, the authors write:
“Copley was living in France and in frequent contact with Man Ray and Duchamp when he created this work. The painting shows a doctor surrounded by a scalpel, saws, and other tools. A reclining nude fills in the lower part of the canvas.”





12×15 backward = 5121

My response to John Scott:



John Scott’s comment is linked to his reading of an earlier 2025 blog (Black Dahlia Avenger/Zodiac: Unexpected Help from Home and Abroad- Announcing the 2015 Inspector Clouseau Award Honorees) in which I referenced a book, Alphabet For Adults, published jointly by Man Ray and his good friend, William Copley in Hollywood in 1948.
As demonstrated in the below graphic, in their book Man Ray and Copley include the then Sowden House residence, 5121 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, California as represented by the letter “Q” for Quarrel. (A Man and Woman (His wife Dorothy? His girlfriend Elizabeth Short?) arguing in the courtyard of our former home.

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My sincere thanks to John Scott for his truly amazing observation. He like so many other readers/researchers through the years has contributed what appears to be a fascinating new and important link to the many riddles wrapped in mysteries inside enigmas.


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