BLACK DAHLIA MURDER- Breaking News New Evidence from 1949 Letter Written by LAPD Paid Informant Confirms Prime Suspect Dr. George Hill Hodel as Killer

October 29, 2018
Los Angeles, California

The following major “Breaking News” article written by Daniel Vasquez and Anne Vasquez as a Special to the South Pasadenan has just posted online. Click on photo to link to full article.

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER | Retired LAPD detective reveals new evidence pointing to prime suspect — his father

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: You’ve never heard a serial-killer story like this before. Newly discovered letter penned by police snitch in 1949 confirms Steve Hodel’s dark path of grim connections.

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | | Steve Hodel Black Dahlia new evidence published


Click on photo for full article.


  1. Jim Henson says:

    This is by far the best article I have ever read describing the amazing intersection of your life with that of Elizabeth Short. Can’t wait to read your latest book!
    Best regards,

    • Steve Hodel says:

      Hi Jim: Yes, great reportage by Daniel and Anne Velasquez. Both are topnotch journalists. Well written and exceptionally accurate. Both are real pros.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Given the length and depth of your investigation the Velasquez’ article in the South Pasadenan is an excellent compilation of pertinent facts. Facts such as former Deputy DA Steven Kay’s quote: “I have no doubt in my mind that George Hodel murdered both Elizabeth Short and Jeanne French,” said Kay, after carefully reviewing Steve Hodel’s investigation. “And were he alive today and were the witnesses alive, I would have no problem in filing two counts of murder against Dr. George Hodel, and I believe if I took that case in front of a jury that I would convict him.”

    Looking forward to reading the new book: “Black Dahlia Avenger III”.


    • Steve Hodel says:

      Thanks Robert. Yes, and we’ve come a hell of a long way down the evidentiary trail since Head Deputy DA Kay’s legal opinion back in 2003. Best, Steve

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